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Alena Steinke is a Berlin-based fashion brand that I established in 2021, following my completion of apparel design studies in Berlin, Moscow, and Kyiv. Throughout my education, I had the privilege of learning from various teachers and absorbing their valuable experiences and knowledge in clothing design.

Right from the start, I found myself drawn to innovative and unconventional techniques in clothing design—a true passion of mine. Additionally, I recognized the significance of addressing the pressing environmental and social issues prevalent in our world. Fashion, to me, represents an incredible platform for self-expression and a means to advocate for important causes alongside my customers. It allows us to express individuality and uniqueness while also showcasing our commitment to our planet, its nature, people, and animals. Embracing the principles of slow fashion became both a conscious choice and the guiding philosophy behind my brand.


Inevitably, my Belarusian roots (having relocated from Minsk to Berlin two decades ago) find their place of expression within my collections. The debut collection, LOVE, took inspiration from the remarkable courage and strength displayed by Belarusian women during the 2020 protests in Belarus. Building upon that foundation, the subsequent collection, BEYOND THE FOG, continued the narrative and drew inspiration from the emerging guerrilla movement of Belarusians supporting Ukraine.

Alena Steinke Fashion Designer and Founder of Slow Fashion Brand in Berlin




Social and environmental responsibility is the core principle of our brand. We cannot ignore the pressing issues that impact people and nature globally, and we are committed to making a positive contribution through charitable projects.


We strive to minimize waste as much as possible. Techniques such as the sculptural method and LOGOS design assist us in operating with minimal waste. Upcycling projects hold significant importance within our brand.


You can always get all the information about the brand. You have also the opportunity to visit our studio and showroom and witness firsthand the process of creating our products.


Our fashion is designed and manufactured in Berlin, minimizing our carbon footprint by avoiding unnecessary shipping.


Original methods of clothing creation, such as the sculptural method and LOGOS design, allow us to create unique garments that will never go out of fashion.


We predominantly use natural, sustainably-produced fibers. We have a keen interest in innovative natural materials and continuously monitor the fiber and textile market.

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