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The power of words


In the beginning was the word... LOGOS DESIGN is an approach that combines both language and fashion to create a unique garment. While creating the LOVE collection, I decided to incorporate a message into it: "Love will save the world." I cut out the words of this message from fabric and sewed dresses using these letters and fabric scraps. 

Every item made in this technique is imbued with the meaning and energy of words.

Step 1

Send me your name or a word, and choose the color and fabric.

Arbeiten am Laptop

Step 2

Let me work. I need 4-7 days. Don't forget: It's slow fashion.

Nähen Werkzeuge

Step 3

Collect your dress from my studio in Berlin. You can try it on, and if needed, I will make any necessary adjustments for you. In case you are unable to pick it up in person, I will mail it to you. That's all. Enjoy your dress!

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